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Niche Perfumery Certificate Course

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Live Niche Perfumery Certificate Course is taught by our perfumer Cecilia Lok.  She has been working in fragrance and organic skincare industry for 20 years. She worked in New York and London in the international fragrance house and created a niche perfume brand in 2014.

* Cecilia Lok is a member of the British Society of Perfumers.

12 hours workshops focus on Niche Perfumery. Niche perfume, which is the fastest growing sector in fragrance industry,  is usually handcrafted by perfume boutique with precious ingredients and superior quality.

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# of Participants: 1-4 per class

Module 1: Train Your Nose like a Professional

Training your nose is the key to becoming a perfumer

By the end of this module you will:

  • Learn the art of perfumery and history of fragrance
  • Have a good understanding of the sense of smell
  • Smell & evaluate fragrance like a perfumer
  • Learn how to compare and contrast the fragrance odours

Module 2: Introduction to Natural & Synthesis Ingredients

A good fragrance starts with knowing your materials

By the end of this module you will:

  • Understand the materials used in perfumery
  • Know the origin, method of production and storage
  • How they are used in the construction of a fragrance
  • Learn how to evaluate your materials
  • Learn olfactory vocabulary

Module 3 - Fragrance Classification/Families

You must understand fragrance construction in order to create

By the end of this module you will:

  • Understand the fragrance families character used in perfumery
  • Know how to differentiate between the fragrance families
  • Understand how to create classic and modern fragrances
  • Understand how to create niche fragrances

Module 4 - Creating a Finished Fragrance

A fragrance is more than just a few materials blended together. This module covers everything from concept & brief to finishing the fragrance.

By the end of this module you will:

  • Understand the different types of fragrance construction
  • Have a written a fragrance brief
  • Have created a finished fragrance

Module 5 - Fragrance Development & Regulation

Regulation is the key for success products.

By the end of this module you will:

  • Understand the fragrance brief
  • Understand the ranges of product with fragrances
  • Understand IFRA Regulations, Allergen list

Module 6 - Marketing / Branding / Promotion

You may be interested in building your own fragrance business.  A good story telling brand is a key to success. 

By the end of this module you will:

  • Understand how to tell your brand story
  • Build your brand with different marketing strategies
  • How to sell product online