Pomegranate Seed CO2

Punica granatum

Pomegranate Seed CO2

Super antioxidant.  Help reduce wrinkle and fine lines.  Regenerate the skin and prevent hyper-pigmentation.

Organic Pomegranate Seed CO2, an elegant fatty (carrier) oil, has an extremely high punicic acid content – nearly 74 percent.1 This constituent is nearly unique to pomegranates, is a highly nutritious, supersaturated omega-5 fatty acid for the skin, and gives a thick, rich feel to the oil.2 In addition, our Pomegranate Seed CO2 carrier oil also contains 10.9 percent CLnA (conjugated alpha-linolenic acid) isomers, 5.4 percent linoleic acid and 5 percent oleic acid.3 In combination with other carrier oils, it is ideal for use in skin care products and formulations. Organic Pomegranate Seed CO2 contains a small percentage of rosemary antioxidant to help maintain freshness.

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